Method to buy a Japanese used car in the United States

How to buy used cars in the United States greatly separates you, and there are two ways of "personal buying and selling" and "the purchase from a dealer". Because name changes are not difficult as Japan, personal buying and selling is prosperous in the United States, but is not mainstream. After all the one purchasing from a reliable dealer is most of.
It is a merit to be able to buy the personal buying and selling cheaply, but is way of buying that is at very increased risk of. Many troubles occur by the state of the vehicle, payment of the money, the procedure of documents. It is made deal that is more likely to fail when the personal buying and selling does not get used. Of course there is the problem of a language and the sense of values with the personal buying and selling from a local person, too and is at very big risk.
Then, it is the dealer purchase, but will be difficult to purchase it in local dealers when there is command of English very much and is not a detailed person about a car. Because reduce the price, and the negotiations are necessary, the one for negotiations without the confidence is high; may be done shopping.
There is a Japanese-used car shop in Japanese many cities. I recommend the purchase from a Japanese-dealer if I do the purchase of the car in the United States for the first time. Because it is all correspondence in Japanese, I listen to a close thing in peace. Because an advertisement appears in free paper, I will check it.